Gay is out, Queer is in

Desde Miami, Flo. me llegó esto que creo es de gran interés; esto me dará la pauta para hablar, más adelante, del tema Queer.

G0YS (Spelled with a ZER0). What G0YS embrace is masculinity in it's purest forms. Many G0YS are GAY or BI identified men (who might wear those labels IF they were not aware of the G0Y movement). Many G0YS are STRAIGHT identified (involved in marriage or exclusive relationships with women) also - but have these deep feelings for masculine affection nonetheless. Many of these men have had 1 or more sexual encounters with other men (not into anal) & lack the language to describe those feelings & such relationships. The term "gay" simply encloses too large a group & the diverse associated stereotypes. G0YS place friendships at the top of their proverbial "list". Some of those friendships deepen to a level that is so intimate & personal that sexuality often becomes an element; -- & strong, invisible cords of love, respect & extreme-discretion cover what is an intensely personal thing. The reputation of the flamboyance, promiscuity, filth & bizarre cross-culture of the term "gay" - is seen as an affront to these g0y relationships.

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